Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Ruben Nieuwenhuis


Ruben  is an expert in accelerating business innovation and startups. As an independent incubator and angel he is involved in various innovation and new product development projects (i.e. Smart Home Automation, Smart Cities, Jugaad Innovation, Makers Movement, Green Economy, Lean Startup, Citizen Innovation, Web 2/3.0).

Involved as a mentor, project manager and investor in a variety of projects, initiatives and startups: i.e. DutchBasecamp ( Nieuwenhuis (1972) has lived and worked in Russia, Kazakstan and is currently working in the Bay Area and The Netherlands. In his management book, ‘Weak Tea Will Bring you Nowhere’, he provides concise, confrontational and challenging advice on the topics of Innovation, Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

Keynote speeches and workshops from Nieuwenhuis are characterized by his findings & unique examples, from a global perspective. Through his membership of consortium partner Open Cities, he is involved in researching upcoming trends and developments. He is a frequent presenter and presented in many countries, most recently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA; Finland at the MindTrek Conference, Turkey and Romania.

Specialties: Startup Acceleration, Lean Startup, Innovation, Jugaad Innovation, Smart Cities, Open Data, strategy & Business Model Innovation, Consumer Co-creation, and Social Media.